“I’ve fumbled a lot and will continue to fumble, but I think that’s the way it’s supposed to be.” – Emanuel Smedbøl

This blog is a fumbling. It is a collaboration between two friends, nerds and Kurt Vonnegut worshippers, Cristina and Michal.

Cristina is your typical sleep-deprived Neuroscience student. She lives in an imaginary universe where all scholarly journals are free, ‘Doctor Who Studies’ is a university minor, and the trolley in the trolley problem is just the Knight Bus from Harry Potter and was always going to stop in time. During her occasional returns to reality she enjoys poetry and petting golden retrievers.

Michal is a bibliophilic giraffe who does not like writing in third person. She is also an undergraduate student studying Health Sciences. That’s what she is, sort of. Who is she? Who knows? She loves used books, reading and writing poetry, playing music, overthinking, learning math, swing dancing, and fumbling around pretending to know what she’s doing.

This is us with one of our favourite spoken word poets, Shane Koyczan. (Michal on the left and Cristina on the right side of the picture). Enjoy the terrible lighting and happy smiles.