It is not a question of
Whether you were enough
Or not,
Too much,
Or not.

You exceed quantities, beyond
Into questions of
Whether you were fitting,
My self with yours
Or not,
Fits too well,
Or not.

These are questions of relation
Which means there are two
Trying to be one,
Or not.

So question not your worth
For it exceeds my words
And consumes me
To propel me forward,
Or not.


The creators in love

I think artists are lovers
absolutely and utterly in love with life
they can’t get over every touch every sound every glimpse
So overwhelmingly beautiful
Unbearably beautiful
Just like a soul in love
they are consumed with making it last
making her his
making him hers
making him his
futile attempt to owning the moment
& so they create,
and we call it art
The unbearably beautiful moments,
the summation we call life
love letters to the moments in life
moments they can’t bear pass by
moments. lovers.
they’ll beg, borrow and steal to keep


It is what it is

It is what it is
& yes it isn’t
or is it ?
Is it wishful thinking to think it isn’t
Is it simple minded to think it is
It all started with what it was
Then what was it ?
More importantly,
No, less importantly
What will it be?
Why does it even matter
After all,
It is what it is
for who it is