Reinventing the Mirror

I evade myself
To find someone better.
Perhaps in another,
Perhaps in a lie.




The hope is gone but the love remains.
You are gone and do I remain?

I wish I knew that our last
moment together
was our last.
I would have been slower,
and I would have closed the door
before you could leave.

But then it ended.

I leave the door open, still
for the love to go
along with you.


to live in hope

is a heavy brand
to shake off

when i forget it is there
and dive into the waves
for the love of life

it catches me up
like stones in my pockets,
turns my dance of joy
into a suicide mission.

is it enough
to live in hope
that the times between
the moment it slips from me
and its crushing reminder
become incrementally longer? that kicking
and thrashing against
its pact with gravity
might make me

feel, for the moment,
more alive?