Parts of a song and parts of me

Here’s a tidbit of a cover of a famous Israeli song פנים אל מול פנים (“Face to Face”) by יהודה פוליקר (Yehuda Poliker)



I Wrote A Book!

I published a book of poems and short stories which can be purchased on Amazon.

I am including the preface below:

The words in your hands are excerpts from my journal.

These words are, more than anything, a documentation of who I have been while becoming who I am. I’m not done doing that, yet.

These words are my thoughts from ages 17 to 19.

These words are shared with you as an act of acceptance.

Each piece of writing included in this book has a timestamp. I have come to value time as an essential definition of my present state. I find comfort in making note of the precise minute in which words come to me, as if that knowledge will somehow allow me to relive the words more authentically.

I am reminded of the precision of timestamps on birth and death certificates, and I have come to think of these words as birth and death certificates of past and future selves, tumultuously ever-changing. Writing the timestamp is my way of feeling in control during the fluid and rapid process of change that has become my definition of aliveness.


Some prompts

“The branding thing is something to avoid, and the sort of Facebook stamping of who you are.” – Laurie Anderson

Laurie Anderson is one of my favourite artists in all her weird and wonderful glory and there’s a new video of her giving advice to young people that is circulating around the internet so I thought I’d share the link here.

Also while we’re on the topic, here are some awesome Laurie Anderson quotes that are fun to use as writing prompts:

“And there was a beautiful view. But nobody could see. ‘Cause everybody on the island was saying: ‘Look at me! Look at me!'” – Laurie Anderson

“Jump out of the plane. There is no pilot. You are not alone. This is the time, and this is the record of the time.” – Laurie Anderson

“Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.” – Laurie Anderson

“When love is gone, there’s always justice. And when justice is gone, there’s always force.” – Laurie Anderson

Anyways, hope the prompts are helpful and the video is enjoyable. Happy Tuesday!